Las Vegas & The Prime Pick

Time is slowly running out for the Las Vegas Knights as they pick players for their debut season of 2017-18.

With such there is an ever-growing list of prime real-estate for them to grab their hands on within the next 72 hours.

Other teams (as revealed last Sunday) have produced their lists of protected players, as well as those that they are offering up for the Knights to get their hands on. Within these are a handful of great players that could help the Knights construct a real threat to those teams that may be underestimating the new kids on the block.

For instance:


Related image

Minnesota Wild have decided to opt out from holding on to Staal, instead opening him up to the Knights.

Appearing in all 82 games played by Minnesota and scoring 28 goals, there are no signs of the 32-year old slowing down.

With a reasonable price of $3.5 million for two years left, it won’t be a surprise to see the Knights swipe him up. If taken it could be good to see Staal C the second line, what do you think?


Colton Sissons

Image result for colton sissons

Nashville Predators have shockingly left Sissons on the unprotected list also, with the Knights having the opportunity to cease the young playoff scorer.

With a great season just behind him playing 58 games with 8 goals, and 6 in the playoffs, Sissons would make a great contribution to the Knights if acquired.

Sissons could sit comfortably in a play-making position, or in the second line with Staal by his side to show him some old tricks.

Alongside Sissons, James Neal is also up for grabs, potentially allowing the Knights to have a duo of Stanley cup runner-ups fronting their campaign.


Jonathan Marchessault 

Image result for jonathan marchessault


Now i’m not entirely sure what Florida were thinking when they let this one slip. Marchessault rocked a solid 75 games with an outstanding 30 goals! A remarkable season by any standards.


This deal seems to be on a real up-side with little to consider for the Knights. By my considerations, this will be an almost certain pick. The young Canadian has taken his strides from Tampa in 2015 to Florida this season, giving a real buzz with every year he plays.

I anticipate great things from Marchessault next season, and would be happy to see him find a place with the Knights, ready to show his worth potentially on a new Stanley Cup contending side.


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