Adidas.. As Sean Avery would call Reebok’s ‘sloppy seconds’.


So the big day came! After a long, tiring, drawn out tease of shoulders and logos, Adidas finally revealed all 31 jerseys. Now, this is what we call a No Mans Sky (to all who are unaware of what this means, No Mans Sky was a video game with a massive hype that led to mass disappointment) we sat, we waited, and for what? A release that seemed to have every fan frantically searching Ebay for a classic Reebok.

And here they are! all 31 of them.. yep.. fantastic…

But don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the Flyers going big and bold on the orange, and the Chicago Blackhawks are looking great with the shoulder logos. However, there are just too many little details that leave me uneasy.

For starters, where the heck are all the laces?? Adidas are stating that without laces the jersey leaves a better silhouette, but do people really care? Last time I checked people want to have a kick*** looking kit, not a dope shadow.

Next up, did the designers know much about hockey? or did they just pick up 31 logos and whack them all down in the middle claiming ‘it’s minimalist man’. You want your team to stand out! and that will not come from every team having a massive logo and a couple of stripes on their sleeves.

Predators, Adidas really put some salt in the wound on this one. Not only do you have to sit through unbearable Pittsburgh fans for another year, but now they give you this!? Where is the finesse, the attention to detail, anything other than bright yellow. But, hey, you know what guys, at least when you get your overpriced weenie at the game you won’t be able to notice the mustard you spill down yourself.

Finally, Rangers, you actually made it through alright. But, wait, did Adidas actually change anything? Or have you guys paid them off to just put their logo on top of the old Reebok one..

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