First Round. Fresh meat for hungry teams!

Today is the day! We have the 2017-18 season draft happening tonight and with such is a fresh spell of talent hungry and ready to make their mark in the league. But who are these fine young folks?

Here are a few of the potential first-round picks likely to hit the stage tonight!

Nolan Patrick

Image result for nolan patrick

The top-dog. The top-prospect eligible for drafting. At 6 ft 3 inches and 198 pounds Patrick is looking like the man every team wants on their side this season. Patrick averaged this season at 1.39 points a game with injuries Patrick has earned his spot as North America’s no.1 skater.

The 19 year old Winnipeg born center man is believed by most to be snatched up quickly by the New Jersey Devils in the first pick, or if not, certainly by the Philadelphia Flyers in the second pick.


Nico Hischier

The contender. Ranked no.2 North American skater and still available for the no.1 spot, not to be left out, and certainly not to be ignored.Image result for nico hischier

The young Swiss is determined to prove to the world that Switzerland is here to make its mark, and that the youth coming up through their leagues are ready for NHL standards.


Although unhappy to have not “reached his targets” Hischier believes he is ready for the NHL and is pushing himself every day to get to that standard.

With Speed, agility, and a quick mindset, Hischier plays one of the best 200-foot games you’ll see from the drafts this year. Again, there is potential for the New Jersey Devils to take Nico, likewise with Philadelphia Flyers. Either way, Hischier will be seen in the top two.

Cale Makar

Time for some D-Fence. Makar looks like the hot pick for any team looking to steal some defence early on in the drafts. At 18, the young Canadian is ranked no.9 in the North American skaters and one of the greatest lateral movements in the draft.

Related image

Although a little light, Makar doesn’t let this stop him, he is ready to surprise crowds, playing the blue line with intent, he will be a good pick for any team.

My prediction, The Buffalo Sabres with a new management and think tank will make a great addition to their lines.

In pretty much every game Makar played he held the puck throughout, made his mark and had 135 points in 111 career games. Gold standard.
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