NWHL & Twitter. A step in the right direction?

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Last Tuesday the NWHL (National Womens Hockey League) signed a one-year deal with Twitter to live stream 19 games live.

The NWHL is now the second women’s major-league to sign such a deal after the WNBA signed a 3-year deal with them in may.

NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan in a pres release stated how this deal “was a big deal for us”. Twitter signing this deal is another sign of the companies standard to promote women’s sport.

Twitter will present every ‘game of the week’ alongside two preseason games against Russia and the 2018 world NWHL all star game.

Now, the modern NWHL has only been around for a short period of time, and unlike other major league sports is really starting to get it’s foot in the door. So with this level of visibility online, from all over the world, it really will be a great step for them in the right direction! As well as shaping positive attitudes around women’s sports altogether!

Now, what do you all think?

Is it a case of the NWHL being a young league?? (because they have been pushing since 1997!) and that is not young!

Or is it  deeper embedded issue in society towards women’s sport? I mean how many of us watch Ice Hockey to see anything over than great skill??

I mean i’ve watched Kelli Stack, Amanda Kessel, and of course Hilary Knight and they kill it! And for what?? less pay, less fans, less respect? Maybe not. At the end of the day these people love their sport, and if you ever get a chance to visit a game, please do! You will not be disappointed!

There is great sport happening here people! And they play great hockey! As someone who believes in great skill, ability, and passion. When Twitter release the live stream game of the weeks for thee NWHL please watch. With a shake up of talent in Connecticut, losing players to the CWHL, and fresh talent coming out of college, this season will be one to watch!


– Theodore





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