NHL DRAFT. The Overview.

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Okay. So it happened, and who ended up with the good deals? We’ve set up a few little points from the drafts to show how things went! In particular a couple of the juicy bits we loved!


Devils take Hischier!

Well, did many of us speculate this happening?! The New Jersey Devils ended up skipping out from the No.1 choice of Patricks for second place Swiss center Nico Hischier. Image result for nhl draft 2017 hischier

Nico was seen ecstatic to make first choice over Nolan Patrick as he made his way to the stage past family. General Manager Ray Shero gave no signs of wanting the second position player, but stated “Nico made sense for us”.

Spending the six weeks prior to the draft pick all teams make a connection with the players and get to know the person behind the stick, allowing for a real character check. This way enabling the team to find the best suit.


A French Revolution!

We saw history from French hockey. The first player to ever be drafted from the Ligue Magnus was selected by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the second round (pick no.45).

Alexandre Texier had 19 points in 40 games and was even going to have played center position in Frances 2nd line at the 2017 IIHF World Championships. Sadly, Texier had to sit out from the IIHF due to a shoulder injury.

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The Columbus Blue Jackets were able to seal the deal after trading forward prospect Keegan Kolesar for the pick.


Texier, who is only 17 was ranked at number 16 in the NHL center scouting’s final ranking of international skaters.

Seen proudly representing his country, Texier stated “It’s great for the French league”.


Makar breaks record!

Cale Makar made history as he became the highest-drafted player from the Alberta Junior Hockey league at No.4. This is up 12 positions from Joe Colborne in 2008.

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Makar was swiped up by the Colorado Avalanches the team that took fellow AJHL record holder Colborne, making a special bond between the league and the team.

In an interview, Makar stated that being picked by the Avalanches was “pretty special”.



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– Theodore






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