Vegas Golden Knights: The Game plan

With the latest addition to the NHL about to begin their inaugural season, what is their plans? A Stanley Cup in the first year? Or a solid foundation for the years to come.

The new expansion ruling for the 2017 addition means that the VGK had more access than ever to players, resulting in their current roster being stronger than ever anticipated. Unlike the 1990’s additions the VGK may stand a chance of having a winning season in their first year.

At this moment the Vegas Golden Knights prospects have officially arrived for development camp. Hard work will be expected from the new recruits as they set themselves up for a tough season of proving themselves. Not like most have a choice, being under 21 in Las Vegas surely has it’s limitations…

The development camp will take place at the Las Vegas Ice Center (9295 W Flamingo Rd #130, Las Vegas, NV 89147). Current roster for the development camp consists of 44 players, this includes 24 forwards, 15 defenceman, and five goaltenders. The camp takes place from today till the 1st July and is open to the general public if anyone nearby wishes to visit!

Now, aside from the current training and preparation for the new season. What are the VGK up to? General Manager, George McPhee, had the opportunity to tailor the team to take NHL veterans and set good steed for a 1st year qualification into the playoffs. However, this does not appear to be the case. Gaining prospects from Anaheim and Minnesota, as well as settling deals with 10 NHL teams, McPhee has opted for a long-term plan in which the VGK can raise a group of young talent.

Other NHL teams made it very hard for the VGK to land any real stars, so McPhee took things outside of America. This came in the form of St. Petersburg great Vadim Shipachyov. The 30-year old in his last season attained 75 points in 50 games, and cost a lot less than the talent available in the NHL. Still, this may not be enough for the VGK to reach playoffs. However, Shipachyov will still position the VGK well and potentially also boost morale by having such a veteran among the ranks.

So, it seems that the VGK are positioning themselves well for a top-ranking team in the years to come. With good trades, talent, and spending the latest additions to the NHL will not be holding a Stanley Cup any time soon.

But don’t let this shroud your view on the rookies, they will be coming into this season full-throttle, ready to prove themselves. Watch out for the VGK, good things will come.

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