How are the Golden Knights shaping up?


So, yesterday we saw the first home game of the regular season for the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) and it did not disappoint fans. News coverage has referred to the VGK in recent days as offering ‘hockey therapy’ to the people of Las Vegas. Which, if you are a hockey fan, I am sure can be said to be true.

Before I get into the stats I think it would be just to point out the initial impact the VGK have had in Vegas and the people who live there. Firstly, for those who watched them play last night, you would have been able to witness the moving tribute the VGK made to the victims of the recent shooting in Vegas. The tribute scrapped the traditional player introductions that we have been watching all week and instead paid honor and tribute to firemen, nurses, doctors, police officers, and paramedics.

VGK Tribute (If you haven’t seen it, click here)

Aside from this, it has been warming to see the respect the team has played to its hometown and fans that have made its success possible. As many of you will know by now the VGK gave their fans the ultimate thank you note by having all first-time season ticket holder names carved onto the ice. A piece of history to remind the NHL and everyone that the game isn’t possible without the fans.


Right, Now here come the stats!

As the newest team to enter the NHL in 17 seasons there was a lot of debate over whether or not the VGK would be able to thrive right away amongst the rest of the NHL who are already well settled in the game.  If we look at the Colombus Blue Jackets (CBJ) who began their NHL life in the 2000-1 season we can see dire prospects. The CBJ lost in their first game 5-3 to the Chicago Blackhawks and ended up last in the central division unable to qualify for playoffs. Minnesota Wild, who began the same year, played their first game against the Philadelphia Flyers with a 3-3 tie. However, they also ended up at the bottom of their table with 68 points in the Northwest division.

But does this mean that the VGK will have the same luck?

I am personally unsure but have high hopes. We saw the VGK win 5-2 against the Coyotes last night, with another 2 wins behind them against the Coyotes again, and the Dallas Stars. Prospects seem bright for the VGK. They are certainly defying NHL history with their streak so far in the franchise and with the support of fans seen so far I would hesitate before saying that they won’t have a chance of aiming high in the standings this season. One thing that can be said is that

One thing that can be said is that if hockey can survive in a desert then it surely is possible to make the game thrive anywhere. Wherever the fans are hockey will survive. Welcome Golden Knights and good luck!

What are your thoughts on the VGK opening game and prospects?

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Thank you for reading.

– Theodore 




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